We, Nancy Henneman-van Hees and Sjoerd Henneman, finished our 5-year dentistry study and our 4-year specialization to orthodontist at the university of Nijmegen (UMC St Radboud). Nancy has done research in the field of cleft lip and palate, from which various scientific publications derived. Sjoerd does research into the biological background of tooth displacement. Together we have a practice in Breda, Etten-Leur and Oosterhout and we are both active in each practice. A real family practice!
Our team consists of qualified oral hygienists, dentist assistants, medical assistants an office manager and a practice manager. Every employee gets extra internal education to reach for the highest level. We are proud to conclude that our employees are positive, hardworking, amicable and think along. They have a strong awareness of the interest of the patient. Our complete and enthusiastic team is ready to achieve a good result with and for you.
Since august 2013 the orthodontists team has been strengthened with the arrival of Babette Aarts-Mol. She also completed both her dentistrystudy and her specialization to orthodontist at the UMC St Radboud Nijmegen. Babette is born and raised in Etten-leur.

Together with our team we do our best to fulfill the expectation of every patient. A personal approach is essential. Therefore, we listen carefully to your wishes. It is important that you get informed as completely as possible about present anomalies and treatment options. We strive for a satisfied patient who really feels heard.
A good cooperation between our team, the referring dentist, various other specialists, and the patient is very important. Good communication is therefore essential. From the patient we expect a good motivation and oral hygiene. Together we can achieve a successful outcome.
Quality is our priority. All patient data are seen and reviewed by two specialists. Together they come to a treatment proposal. Use of the most advanced materials and methods ensures that you can be treated on technically high level. We stand for a good organization and information. To test the satisfaction, we ask all patients to complete an evaluation form after treatment. The practices are ISO certified and the orthodontists are visited by other orthodontists in order to test the quality.