Orthodontics is not only for growing children. Adults can also be treated by the use of braces. In our society today, wearing braces is fully accepted by adults. We treat people of all ages!

Orthodontic treatment may be required/desired in the following cases:

Invisible braces

Adults frequently inform, by various reasons, about braces that are less noticeable.
Three types of braces that are less noticeable:

  • Ceramic/white brackets: this type of bracket can be applied in situations where there are no extremely twisted teeth.
  • Essix or “invisalign”: an essix is a transparent mould that can be inserted over the teeth. This brace can correct small tooth deviations. Larger deviations can be corrected by applying multiple moulds in a period of time.
  • Lingual appliance: nowadays the permanent appliances can also be applied on the inside of the teeth. This is also called lingual orthodontics. So far, this method is only applicable for minor corrections. This possibly may change in the near future, so it will be applicable for larger deviations as well.

Surgical jaw correction

In case of deviation in jaw size or position, that cannot be corrected merely by braces, a combined orthodontic-surgical treatment may be a solution. In addition to permanent braces the patient will also get a surgical correction of the lower and/or upper jaw, performed by the maxillofacial surgeon. When it appears that a orthodontic-surgical treatment is preferable or even sometimes the only possibility, the patient will first go to the surgeon for further information. After this, the decision can be made whether or not treatment will be started.

Sleep apnea (OSAS)

For a mild form of sleep apnea special braces (MRA) can be applied that is worn during the night. Through a more forward position of the mandible the airwayis kept open during sleep. In severe OSAS a surgical jaw correction in combination with temporary braces can be applied.

At “video’s braces’ you can view videos of the various braces and also of the surgical correction of the jaw position.