Video’s braces

During the first consultation the condition of the teeth will be assessed by an orthodontist. Whether or not treatment is necessary will be discussed. Possible treatment methods are explained and you will get the opportunity to ask questions. Also, the equipment will be shown and you will receive a cost estimate.
During the next appointment more extensive research will be done. This includes making moulds of the teeth and making x-rays and pictures of mouth and face.
In the third meeting you will get to see the collected data. Anomalies are shown and information is given on how these can be treated best. The advantages and disadvantages will also be given. The estimated duration of the treatment and financial plan will be specified.

Here you can see several video’s.

General play

Instruction play

Removable braces play

Fixed braces play

Surgical jaw corrections play

Sleep apnea (OSAS) play

Retention braces (after active treatment) play